Security advice

Winterlos is an online real estate marketplace. Our private and professional advertisers offer properties for holiday rental, for long-term leases and for sale. You will be able to anonymously contact advertisers directly, with no obligation, until you have found the right living space.

Winterlos recommends not making any payment without taking minimum prior security precautions:

  • Confirm identity of the advertiser
  • Confirm the advertiser’s ownership or entitlement of the property
  • Obtain a document certifying the Reservation or Rental Agreement.

The user of the service is responsible, whether registered or not, for negotiations and correspondence made with any advertiser, and for taking adequate security precautions to avoid hoaxes, such as confirmation of property ownership and requiring a contract.

Please check offers made by unknown service providers carefully and be even more wary of the most attractive offers. More and more frequently these offers are found to be too good to be true: many houses have never even existed. Read some selected examples from the press:

The risk goes beyond pure fraud. A reservation without any legal backing will not stop some owners from simply changing their mind at any time, before or during your stay. They might decide to use the property for themselves, or perhaps they just got a better deal from another visitor, or simply sold their property without any regard to a “hand-shake” reservation.